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Small-scale LNG tanks arrive in Klaipeda

Klaipedos nafta, the operator of Port of Klaipeda's large-scale Liquefied Natural Gas terminal, has received the first three tanks for its currently under construction reloading station.

Unifeeder's new intra-Baltic service

The route will include the ports of Gdańsk, Kotka, and St. Petersburg. 

All of Terntank's newbuilds commissioned

Avic Dingheng Shipbuilding has delivered the fourth and last dual-fuel (LNG) oil products tanker to Terntank.

Maritime Bulk Terminal Gdynia adds storage space

The partly covered 8,000 m2 big depot is dedicated for storing dry bulk.

Blue Baltics roll out

Project partners of the EU co-financed Blue Baltics initiative met for the first time in Klaipeda, discussing LNG infrastructure synchronisation across the Baltic Sea region.

New direct Baltic-Atlantic Africa box service

OPDR, in cooperation with Seago Line, has launched a new container loop between Baltic Russia and Morocco.


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BTJ 6/2016

We are very pleased to announce that the 6/2016 issue is ready and - as always - packed with various topics and articles.

BTJ 6/16 - Report: Logistics

For the past 20 years logistics has become a major enabler for increased economic performance and competitiveness. 

BTJ 6/16 - Focus: Going East - Baltic ties with Asia

Connections between the major European and Asian civilizations started more than 2,000 years ago, thanks to the diligent and courageous camel caravans that explored and... 

BTJ 6/16 - The places of refuge dilemma. European ports and vessels in distress

No place of refuge for vessels in distress may cause situations with serious repercussions. 

BTJ 6/16 - Mapped out anew. Making Aland Islands' fairways better

Back in 2014, the Government of the Åland Islands launched a programme under which all regional fairways are to be fully inspected, planned, and if necessary also corrected. 

BTJ 6/16 - All roads lead to Beijing. Setting the world's agenda with the New Silk Road

On paper the chief goal of the so-called One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative is...

BTJ 6/16 - More cooperation needed. Inland navigation in the Baltic Sea region

The potential of inland waterway transport is not yet fully used despite the benefits it carries. 

BTJ 6/16 - New ship, new opportunities. Deltamarin's compact LNG ferry

DeltaLinx, a member of Deltamarin's passenger ship family, is a compact ferry with a minimal environmental footprint. 

BTJ 6/16 - A cleaner sea breeze. Emissions from Baltic Sea shipping in 2015

Undoubtedly, one of the world's busiest shipping routes can be found in the Baltic Sea. 


Broken? Fix it and advertise

Looking for advertising ideas for maritime industries, we travelled far in time and space, and found the American shipyard Bethlehem Steel which repaired the tanker USS Maumee.

Hard-core lorry

Vabis (1.5 tonnes) was Swedish Post's first ever lorry... and the last model of the company founded in 1891.

Last train to China

The picture shows an industrial locomotive of the TKp "Śląsk" class, the last model of steam locomotives made in Poland for domestic purposes and for export.

Lesson of navigation

In Rostock, in a park beside the museum, the ship Frieden class is a feature, which helps understand the cardinal system of buoyage.

On skis and wheels

During the interwar period liner aircraft used to change wheels to skis...


Baltic Ports Organization


SmartRail Europe

SmartRail Europe

5-6 April 2017 • NL/Amsterdam

2nd International Summit Green Shipping 2017

2nd International Summit Green Shipping 2017

10-11 April 2017 • NL/Rotterdam 

Port Finance International

Port Finance International

10-12 April 2017 • NL/Amsterdam

Breakbulk Russia

Breakbulk Russia

18-20 April 2017 • RU/Moscow



18-20 April 2017 • RU/Moscow

Breakbulk Europe 2017

Breakbulk Europe 2017

24-26 April 2017 • BE/Antwerp

transport logistic

transport logistic

9-12 May 2017 • DE/Munich

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