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New investment started in Stockholm

On the 16th of September in the Ports of Stockholm new facility construction in Norvik started. 

CRIST to deliver a specialized dock

According to the contract signed by the Polish shipyard and Bouygues Travaux Publics, CRIST will manufacture NB56 - a specialized building dock - in nine months, starting from October 5th, 2016.

Stena's Gdynia-Karlskrona freight service enhanced

Stena Line has decided to introduce additional departure on Saturdays from Gdynia in the morning and Karlskrona in the evening since the 10th of September.

Finland's first LNG terminal opened

The Skangas' Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) facility in Pori began commercial operations on September 12th. 

Gdynia port leases land to Pomorski Cement

According to the agreement signed on the 14th of September, Pomorski Cement Sp. z o.o. will rent 12.5 thou. m2 of land from the Port of Gdynia for 30 years. 

Re-routings in Tallink's network

In December, the ferry operator will move the Baltic Queen ferry onto the Tallinn-Stockholm service, while Romantika will be deployed on the Stockholm-Riga link.


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BTJ 4/2016

We are very pleased to announce that the 4/2016 issue is ready and - as always - packed with various topics and articles.

BTJ 4/16 - Report: Baltic container market

In the late 1990s, shipment management was largely conducted by phone, fax, pen and pencil, and occasionally with the use of e-mails.

BTJ 4/16 - Focus: European shipyards' performance in 2015

Hard fact-based figures on European shipyards' production went down in 2015 again.

BTJ 4/16 - Facing an uncertain future. Economic consequences of Brexit for the Baltic

Looking back at the last 40 years or so, Britain's relationship with the EU has been turbulent from the very beginning.

BTJ 4/16 - In the wake of a new era of shipping. Interview with Ian Petty, Sustainable Shipping Initiative's General Manager

For some the term "sustainability" is just a magic spell repeated over and over again across Brussel's corridors.

BTJ 4/16 - Set rotors! Wind-assisted ship propulsion captures energy and attention

As pressure mounts to lower energy consumption and reduce GHG emissions, technologies such as wind-assisted propulsion - that proved to reduce fuel consumption,…

BTJ 4/16 - Mr. Jones and us. Restricting maritime transport services in the EU?

While the EU and the US are currently working on further trade liberalization, the EU Parliament discusses the introduction of Jones Act-like rules.

BTJ 4/16 - The threat hidden in the depths. Maritime cyber security

The rapid increase in satellite band width combined with decreasing costs have resulted in the world's vessel fleet becoming an integral part of the Internet of Things. 

BTJ 4/16 - Bulldozed into a crisis. Tackling the illegal immigrants risk in the transport sector

Illegal immigration is one of the major challenges Europe needs to wisely tackle nowadays.


Innovation gone up in smoke

Cost-cutting, an evergreen business motif.

Punching above weight?

Courland, a historical predecessor of today's Latvia, took part in the European colonial race.

Where the containerization of Sweden began

Back in the second half of the 19th century, hundreds of Swedes emigrated from their country to the US to pickaxe the goldrush in California, often embarking in Gothenburg to sail over the Atlantic.

Added to chicory

The phenomenon of collectibles from the interwar period lied in their focus on work, its tools and fruits, independently of their beauty.

This is also Emma Maersk

If we compare ships that carry the majority of processed products to the ones thirty years ago, it would seem that the technology regressed.


Baltic Ports Organization


Railway Pro Investment Summit

Railway Pro Investment Summit

11-12 October 2016 • RO/Bucharest

Green PortCongress

Green PortCongress

12-14 October 2016 • IT/Venice

Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2016

Maritime Economy Forum Gdynia 2016

14 October 2016 • PL/Gdynia

International Green Shipping Summit

International Green Shipping Summit

17-18 October 2016 • NL/Rotterdam

GoLNG Polska!

GoLNG Polska!

18 October 2016 • PL/Sopot 

European Intermodal Logistics 2016

European Intermodal Logistics 2016

24-25 October 2016 • PL/Sopot

Danish Martime Fair 2016 Business & Relations

Danish Martime Fair 2016 Business & Relations

25-27 October 2016 • DK/Copenhagen

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