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Baltic Dry Bulk Yearbook 2012/13

Publication date: 2014-01-08

Tags: bulk-map

Baltic Dry Bulk Yearbook 2012/13

The 62-page booklet - the very first publication of this kind which comprehensively captures the Baltic dry bulk market (coal & coke, ores & concentrates, agrobulk and other bulk).

Dry bulk seems to be the simplest of freight sectors, primarily involving basic tools in the transport/logistics chain – a bulk vessel, a belt conveyor, an open rail car and some open storage space. But that about ends any similarities.

In reality the sector consists of an almost endless list of products having little or nothing in common with each other.

We have raw materials taken directly from mines on one side and final products for the agricultural or chemical industries on the other. These usually need packaging in closed vehicles and closed storage, afterwards they are handled in a much more similar manner to liquids than ‘traditional’ dry bulk.

This of course results in a specialization of port terminals and their equipment, as handling of coal, cement, grain and sugar differs in almost every technical and organizational aspect.

Find out more about these and many more key issues inside the publication!

What’s inside:

  • Analysis and statistics of regional production, consumption, trade and transport

  • Maps of ports, terminals and stevedoring firms, incl. a wall-map poster (100 x 70 cm)

  • Technical info on terminals & storage capacities

  • Yellow pages with hundreds of business contacts

The Baltic Dry Bulk Yearbook 2012/13 is available in printed BTJ subscription

Click the image or here for a PDF PREVIEW of the latest Yearbook

PDF preview of the Baltic Dry Bulk Yearbook 2012/13



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