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Baltic Oil Yearbook 2012/13

Publication date: 2013-11-20

Tags: bulk-map

Baltic Oil Yearbook 2012/13

The 72-page booklet - the very first publication of this kind on the market which comprehensively captures the Baltic oil market (crude oil, oil products & LPG).

So how large crude oil reserves do the Baltic states have? What amount of oil products and Liquefied Petroleum Gas is traded by the region's countries? Who leads the Top 20 Baltic oil ports ranking? What does the kaleidoscope of the logistic chain looks like?

Find answers for these and many more key questions inside the publication!

What’s inside:

  • Analysis and statistics of regional production, consumption, trade and transport.

  • Maps of ports, terminals, refineries and pipelines, incl. a wall-map poster (100 x 70 cm).

  • Technical info on terminals & storage capacities.

  • Bunkering options across the BSR.

  • Yellow Pages with hundreds of business contacts.

The Baltic Oil Yearbook 2012/13 is available in printed BTJ subscription

Click the image or here for a PDF PREVIEW of the latest Yearbook

PDF preview of the Baltic Oil Yearbook 2012/13



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