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Baltic Container Yearbook 2013/14

Publication date: 2014-07-02

Tags: cont-map

Baltic Container Yearbook 2013/14

100 pages publication of detailed market analysis, feat. SECA-cost for shipping calculations as well as a map poster supplement.

At long last, the third edition of the Baltic Container Yearbook has left the print-works and is available in printed BTJ subscription.

This year's edition is bigger (100 pages!) and - as always - packed with analyses of shipping operators, their networks and fleets, backed up with statistics, tables and maps (both seaborne as well as container & kombi by rail).

The Container Yearbook 2013/14 features also SECA-cost for shipping calculations done for feeders and shortsea vessels sailing across the Baltic Sea, with specifications of the ships' engines, maximum and average speeds, utilization rate, yearly fuel consumption, etc., - all this to show how the SECA will impact freight rates.

Click here or the image below to see a preview of the Yearbook

Baltic Container Yearbook 2013/14

Baltic Container Yearbook 2013/14 highlights:

  • Strong hike in the average Baltic feeder/shortsea vessel capacity,
  • Stable port volumes, steady networks,
  • MSC with a new record Baltic feeder vessel of 5 thou. TEU*,
  • Ocean players fleet expansion paused*,
  • SECA brings cost advantages of container lines over ro-ro?

* in regular feeder/shortsea network traffic

The publication features:

  • 100 pages of detailed market analysis,
  • 26 shipping operators, 102 services and 137 feeders & shortsea ships,
  • 111 ports and 152 terminals involved in liner traffic to/from/within the region,
  • A view into rail hinterland connections (35 operators, 212 services and 134 seaports & inland destinations).

The Baltic Container Yearbook 2013/14 is available in printed BTJ subscription

The Yearbook goes hand-in-hand with the regularly updated network which is available on our free & interactive portal at The website user can display each single service separately or see all connections just from one port and one terminal.

The Baltic container as well as intermodal map posters are also available in extra-large wall map versions (150 cm x 100 cm), printed on a special map paper, with top and bottom "rails", plus a convenient string to hang it on the wall. Each map is packed and posted in a sturdy tube.

XL Baltic Container Map 2014

XL Baltic Intermodal Map 2014

Prices for the map in 150 x 100 cm size:

  • XL Baltic Container/Intermodal 2013/14 BIG WALL MAP standard = EUR 90/one map (+ EUR 30 delivery costs = total EUR 120).

The price features 0% VAT. Discounts are available in case of bigger quantities ordered. Delivery by courier only within the European Union.

Sales contacts:

  • Anna Dąbrowska (Paszek), Marketing & Sales

    Tel.: +48 58 627 23 95; Mob.: +48 601 672 004



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