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Ore Railway: 18,507 thous. tn carried in H1 2017 (-2.5% yoy)

Transport performance across the rail line which serves traffic between mines in the North of Sweden and the Norwegian Port of Narvik totalled 8,194 mln tn-km in the reported period (-0.8% yoy).

Rail freight traffic in Sweden: 33,837 thous. tn carried in H1 2017 (+2.0% yoy)

Cargo trains transported 17,222 thous. tn across Sweden over this year’s first quarter (+4.5% year-on-year) and an additional 16,615 thous. tn in quarter two (-0.5% yoy).

Rail pax traffic in Sweden: 111 mln passengers carried in H1 2017 (+1.8% yoy)

A total of 56 mln passenger journeys was noted during 2017’s first quarter (+3.7% year-on-year), while in Q2 - 55 mln (+/-0% yoy).

Finnish ports: 1,225,578 TEU handled in I-IX 2017 (+7.4% yoy)

Out of the total figure, container import traffic totalled 617,341 TEU in the reported period (+8.2% year-on-year), while exports added the remaining 608,237 TEU (+6.7% yoy).

Port of Gdańsk: 1,123,506 TEU handled in I-IX 2017 (+15.5% yoy)

Measured in tonnes, Gdańsk's containerised freight traffic totalled 11.51 mln tn in the reported period, more by 14.9% year-on-year.

SPSP: 5.1 mln tn handled in I-IX 2017 (-8% yoy)

With 4.8 mln tn (+/-0% year-on-year), general cargo accounted for the bulk of freight handlings done by the Russian stevedore Sea Port of Saint-Petersburg.

KCT: 213,052 TEU handled in I-IX 2017 (+15% yoy)

In total, the Klaipeda Container Terminal took care of 2.9 mln tn of various general cargo goods over 2017's first three quarters, more by 12% year-on-year.

HHLA: 5.5 mln TEU handled in I-IX 2017 (+10.8% yoy)

The company's three sea container terminals operating in the Port of Hamburg made a total of 5.2 mln TEU during this year's first three quarters, an uptick by 11.3% year-on-year.

Finnlines: 530 thou. ro-ro units carried in I-IX 2017 (+11.3% yoy)

The company also transported a total of 101 thou. vehicles (excl. pax cars) in the reported period, more by 23.2% year-on-year.

Port of Tallinn: 14.25 mln tn handled in I-IX 2017 (-9.2% yoy)

The biggest Estonian seaport also handled 157,052 boxes, up by 5.5% year-on-year.


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