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Latvian Railways: 55.6 mln tn carried in I-XI 2012 (+3.9% yoy)

Out of the total number, international carriages accounted for 54.36 mln tn (+3.6%), while domestic transportation totalled 1.3 mln tn (+18.6%).

Latvian ports: 69.23 mln tn handled in I-XI 2012 (+10.3% yoy)

Dry bulk cut out the biggest share (34.09 mln tn), followed by liquids (23.17 mln tn) and general cargo (11.96 mln tn).

Baltic Coal Terminal (Ventspils): 4.45 mln tn of coal handled in I-XI 2012 (+19.8% yoy)

In November, the volume of coal handled at BCT (situated in the Latvian Port of Ventspils) grew by 11% to 340,870 tn.

BSR pax car registration: 3,685,719 new cars registered in I-XI (-2.2% yoy)

The fall is mainly caused by the drop in pax car registration in Germany which market shrank by 1.7% year-on-year to 2,878,173 cars.

Rail traffic in Sweden: 32.81 mln tn carried in H1 2012 (-5.3% yoy)

During the Q1 and Q2 of 2012, rail traffic in Sweden decreased by 1.7% (to 16.78 mln tn) and by 8.8% (to 16.02 mln tn), respectively.

Port of Kaliningrad: 310,111 TEU handled in I-X 2012 (+16.7% yoy)

On the other hand, Kaliningrad’s total throughput from January to October decreased by 8.6% year-on-year to 10.4 mln tn.

Russian Railways: 969.4 mln passengers carried in I-XI 2012 (+6.5% yoy)

Suburban traffic rose by 7.2% year-on-year to 861.8 mln passengers, while trains on long-distance routes served 107.6 mln people, more by 1.5%.

Rail traffic in Poland: 192.6 mln tn carried in I-X 2012 (-7.5% yoy)

In October, however, the numbers increased – altogether 21.7 mln tn were shipped (+2.1% year-on-year).

Big Port of St. Petersburg: 2,089,946 TEU handled in I-X 2012 (+5.8% yoy)

While the port heads for another TEU record (2.36 mln TEU last year), its overall freight turnover dropped by 3.3% to 48.36 mln tn.

Port of Ust-Luga: 37.65 mln tn handled in I-X 2012 (+114% yoy)

From January to October 2012, the Russian port in Ust-Luga handled also its first containers – in total 7,853 TEU.


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5th Railway Forum Berlin 2017

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