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Port of Kaliningrad: 360,000 TEU handled in 2012 (+14.6% yoy)

According to the port authority 80% of boxes are destined for the local automotive industry and ca. 10% go in transit with mainland Russia.

Port of Ventspils: 30.35 mln tn handled in 2012 (+6.7% yoy)

Liquids cut out the biggest share of cargo, amounting to 16.76 mln tn and marking a 11.8% rise year-on-year.

10.1 mln TEU in global container traffic in November 2012 (-4.3% yoy)

The total global box traffic went down in November to 10,093,700 TEU (-4.3% year-on-year) and down by 3.6% compared to October 2012.

Port Vysotsky LLC: 3.29 mln tn of coal handled in 2012 (+2.9% yoy)

During last year, the Port Vysotsky LLC increased its transhipment of Russian thermal coal by 2.9% year-on-year to 3,295,727 tn.

Port of Kiel: 1.9 mln people in ferry & cruise traffic in 2012 (+2.2% yoy)

At the same time, the German Baltic port handled 6.3 mln tonnes marking a slight increase by 0.3% year-on-year.

Russian Railways Logistics: 3.3 mln tn transported in 2012 (+120% yoy)

RZD Logistics, a subsidiary founded by Russian Railways in 2010, organized transportation for 3.3 mln tn of freight in 2012 (+120% year-on-year).

Port of Darłowo: 190.15 thou. tn handled in 2012 (+164.1% yoy)

Altogether 113 freight ships called in 2011 at the Polish port in Darłowo, bringing 190.15 thou. tn of goods, chiefly dry bulk.

BCT Gdynia: 408,772 TEU handled in 2012 (+13% yoy)

During the past year, the Baltic Container Terminal Gdynia handled altogether 408,722 20-foot boxes, marking a rise by 13% year-on-year.

Denmark's international ro-ro & ferry traffic: 856,772 cargo units in I-IX 2012 (+1.4% yoy)

On the other hand, the country’s international ferry pax traffic went down by 2.4% to 17.69 mln passengers during the three quarters of 2012.

Lorry traffic in Finland: 218 mln tn of goods carried in I-IX 2012 (-1.8% yoy)

The 4.8% drop in the transportation of soil materials (79 mln tn) caused that the overall figure for the three quarters of 2012 marked a decrease.


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