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Baltic Ports Organization

Publication date: 2013-01-24

Tags: partners

Baltic Ports Organization

Baltic Ports Organization is a group of forty or more the most significant ports in the nine countries on all sides of the Baltic Sea.

The organization was established in 1991 in Copenhagen, after the fall of the Berlin wall and the demise of the Soviet Union, to facilitate co-operation between the ports and to take care of the possibilities for shipping in the Baltic Sea region.

The main objective for BPO is to improve the competitiveness of maritime transport in the Baltic region by increasing the efficiency of ports, marketing the Baltic region as the strategic logistics centre, improving the infrastructure within the ports and the connection to other modes. As the Baltic Region is one of the most important and fastest growing markets in the world, the organization highlights that it is still dependent on extensively new developed intermodal logistic solution with the member ports in main focus. Among the other goals of BPO are improving co-operation with the port users/operators, applying new technology in the port sector, improving cost efficiency, good environmental behavior, organizational development, co-operation with authorities and interest groups.

Baltic Transport Journal is the only BPO’s official media partner and since 2006 publishes BPO newsletter on BTJ "green pages" keeping readers updated with news/projects in about 40 major seaports at the Baltic Sea Coast. This year, on the 20th anniversary of the organization, Baltic Transport Journal has prepared a special publication, the 70-page guidebook presenting the organization and its members from BPO’s birth in uneasy times of early 1990s and how it became a renowned agenda for exchanging experience between Baltic ports.

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Please check the BPO guidebook created by BTJ team for BPO's 20th anniversary

Please have also a look at the free PDF archive of BPO's newsletters in BTJ:

BPO 3/2016 - SECA – one year later. SECA – one year after its entry into force / A long tradition in port business. The Port of Stralsund

BPO 2/2016 - A quarter century of teamwork and development. Baltic Ports Conference 2016, 8-9 September, Helsinki / Breaking records. Port of Ystad

BPO 1/2016 - Three-in-one. Associated Danish Ports / Dealing with ships’ eco-footprint ashore. Gedser port to have a scrubber treatment plant

BPO 6/2015 - 235 years of operations. The Port of Pori / Step ahead. New Swedish-Finnish eco-project kicks off

BPO 5/2015 - Eco your equipment. Smart, Energy-Efficient and Adaptive Port Terminals / Facing a change: opportunities or threats for the Baltic market. Riga’s September 3-4 Baltic Ports Conference 2015 – aftermath

BPO 4/2015 - Money on the table, work to do. BPO port members get CEF funds / BPO initiates the 'Green Infrastructure in Ports' project

BPO 3/2015 - Strong harbour, sailing city. The Port of Kiel joins BPO / Facing a change: opportunities or threats for Baltic maritime market? Baltic Ports Conference 2015

BPO 2/2015 - Where history meets technology. The Port of Lübeck Authority joins BPO / Following the EU lead. BPO’s March meeting during Transport Week in Gdańsk

BPO 1/2015 - Kvarken Ports join BPO / The proper time for evolution. SEA TERMINALS - new eco initiative

BPO 6/2014 - The Port of Sundsvall joins BPO / Striving for full integration. Baltic comprehensive ports

BPO 5/2014 - Saarte Liinid joins BPO / The uncertainty before the storm. Baltic Ports Conference 2014

BPO 4/2014 - Baltic past-present review (interview with Kimmo Naski, the BPO’s Deputy Chairman) / Ports on the go. Baltic ports and the MoS programme - a BPO 2014 report

BPO 3/2014 - On the brink of a 2015 revolution / The European Sustainable Shipping Forum

BPO 2/2014 - Utilization of sewage from passenger ships and waste from scrubbers in the BSR

BPO 1/2014 - The UK’s Central Systems & Automation joins BPO / Come to Rønne, enjoy the Baltic Pearl!

BPO 6/2013 - Wismar: constant development is key / Monitoring the environmental issues (BPO Environmental Working Group meeting in Copenhagen, 15.11.2013)

BPO 5/2013 - Small and medium-sized Baltic ports - Kemi’s new master plan / New challenges and a new strategy for Baltic ports / New European infrastructure policy

BPO 4/2013 - Danish ports join BPO / Supporting port business - interview with Bogdan Ołdakowski, BPO Secretary General

BPO 3/2013 - TEAM joins BPO

BPO 2/2013 - Estonian Port Association joins BPO / BPO Lunch Debate

BPO 1/2013 - Closer to the environment / Self Diagnosis Method

BPO 6/2012 - Brightest outlook among the eastern Baltic ports. Baltic seaport market reviews by CMS

BPO 5/2012 - BPO news

BPO 4/2012 - BPO’s comment on ESPO Conference issues / Port of Elbląg joins BPO

BPO 3/2012 - The market place of ideas

BPO 2/2012 - LNG in the Baltic ports / BPO Lunch Debate 2012

BPO 1/2012 - Port of Pori joins BPO / Port of Trelleborg joins BPO

BPO 6/2011 - Economic uncertainty is slowing down the recovery of cargo volumes in the Baltic

BPO 5/2011 - Face to face with challenges, BPO Conf., 7-9.9.2011 Rostock

BPO 4/2011 - 20th anniversary of BPO

BPO 3/2011 - Annual Baltic Ports Conference and 14th General Assembly of BPO

BPO 2/2011 - Port of Rostock. Universal and proud of it

BPO 1/2011 - 20th anniversary of BPO - From coaching to communication

BPO 6/2010 - Interview with Kimmo Naski, Managing Director, Port of Kotka

BPO 5/2010 - BPO General Assembly and Baltic Ports Conference 2010 / Interview with Maxim Shirokov, General Director of Ust-Luga Company JSC

BPO 4/2010 - BPO visiting China

BPO 3/2010 - BPO consults on MoS concept / Interview with Port Director Reijo Viitala and Project Manager Hannu Tikkala, Port of Kemi

BPO 2/2010 - Baltic Ports Organization on new sulphur regulations

BPO 6/2009 - 1/2010 - The Port of Umeå / Hamburg is now a friendship member of BPO

BPO 5/2009 - Port of Vaasa / After the BPO meeting in Aarhus

BPO 4/2009 - Port of Rønne / Wismar Seaport

BPO 3/2009 - Port of Stralsund / Annual Baltic Ports Conference and
12th BPO General Assembly in Aarhus

BPO 2/2009 - Port of Kemi’s development plans / Port of Aabenraa

BPO 1/2009 - E-dea and the Port of Ust-Luga joined BPO / BPO Onshore Energy Supply Seminar

BPO 6/2008 - BPO General Assembly in Lübeck / Port of Kaliningrad

BPO 5/2008 - Interview with Bogdan Ołdakowski, BPO Secretary General / Deep-water plans for Port of Klaip?da

BPO 4/2008 - Baltic Ports Organization XI General Assembly / Port of Turku

BPO 3/2008 - BPO Seminar 2008 in Brussels / Two projects in accordance with BPO’s aims

BPO 2/2008 - East-West corridor / Baltic Seaports Outlook 2007

BPO 1/2008 - Konecranes – a new friendship member / Copenhagen Malmö Port

BPO 6/2007 - The BPO General Assembly has voted Julian Skelnik as their new chairman

BPO 5/2007 - Interview with Christel Wiman, retiring chairman of the BPO / Port of Lübeck

BPO 4/2007 - Baltic Sea Ports cooperating during “Paralia Nature”

BPO 3/2007 - Welcome to St. Petersburg



Baltic Ports Organization


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