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BTJ 5/15 - Special: Future alternatives for logistics

Publication date: 2015-11-05

Tags: highlights, special

BTJ 5/15 - Special: Future alternatives for logistics

In itself technology is neither good nor bad, it's about how and for what purpose we use it.

This issue's Special section touches upon many practical and positive applications of the latest technological advances throughout the transport and logistics industry. But we also talk with Gerd Leonhard, named by the Wall Street Journal as one of the leading media futurists in the world as well as by Wired as one of the Top 100 influencers in ICT in Europe, about the ongoing digital transformation and what changes and challenges it brings about for the humankind in general, and for ways goods are moved around in particular.

Embracing technology. Interview with Gerd Leonhard, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, CEO of The Futures Agency, Host of The Future Show, by Przemysław Myszka

The 5/2015 issue of Baltic Transport Journal in the Special section features also: 

  • Powered by algorithms. Software-enhanced equipment for better terminal performance, by Dr. Eva Savelsberg, VP Logistics Division, and Dr. Ingo Marko, Senior Consultant, INFORM:

A modern day triathlon is not only about how fast you can swim, cycle or run. High-tech equipment allows the athlete to make swifter transitions between the disciplines, thus improving overall performance and competitiveness. Intermodal terminals can also optimize their processes by using the latest software technology. A look behind the scenes explains how this works. Operators of maritime, rail and inland terminals share a common problem: They constantly need to drive up productivity levels in order to keep pace with growing demands.

  • The future is now! Implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe, by Silvia Curbelo, Communication & Media Officer at ERTICO ITS Europe:

Do you remember when you had to rely on paper maps on your car rides? Or when you had to queue in different kiosks to buy your printed-out public transport tickets? Or when you sent a box and couldn't access tracking information on the location and state of your precious belongings? The answer "no" brings just some examples of how Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) have impacted people's mobility and the transport of goods.

  • Print your own supply chain. 3D printing, by Bartosz Dąbrowski:

Additive manufacturing, better known as 3D printing, boasts the reputation of one of the most innovative and impressive inventions of the last decades. After years of being tested and gradually introduced to new markets, it is now proving to have an ever-growing impact on global supply chains.

  • Reinventing urban mobility. Self-driving car fleets, by Philippe Crist, ITF Senior Economist, and Luis Martinez, ITF Transport Analyst:

What if all cars in a city were replaced by a fleet of shared, self-driving vehicles? A study by the International Transport Forum's (ITF) Corporate Partnership Board modelled scenarios for cities without privatelyowned cars. The results provide plenty of food for thought, among others, the potential to provide the same level of service with just 10% of today's car fleet or freeing enormous amounts of space within cities.

  • The ro-pax of the future. DeltaChallenger, by Su Len Quach, Project Engineer, R&D at Deltamarin:

DeltaChallenger, the new showcase ro-pax design of the Finnish naval architect company Deltamarin, incorporates in one place the latest technologies available, many of which are not yet used on any other vessel. With the help of well-known industry partners the company has developed what is said to be the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly ferry concept to be configured into exciting newbuilds in just a few years.

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Special: Future alternatives for logistics



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